News Releases


New Report Shows Most Countries are Falling Short on Commitments to Protect Sharks and Rays


Researchers Discover Critical Clue in the Mystery of Sawfish Mating


Conservationists Welcome Shark & Ray Listings at CITES CoP (10/03/16)
Northwest Atlantic Fishing Countries Take Action for Sharks (9/23/2016)
Support for New Shark and Ray Trade Measures Grows (5/2/16)
New EU Report on Shark Finning Reaffirms Commitment to Strict Rules (4/15/16)
Twenty-two Shark and Ray Species Added to Scope of Global Agreement (2/19/16)
New 10-year Strategy for Protecting Sharks and Rays (02/15/16)


Japan Blocks 4 out of 5 Shark Conservation Proposals (11/17/15)
Progress Toward a Stronger Shark Finning Ban at NAFO (09/28/15)


Atlantic Fishery Managers Fail Sharks Yet Again (11/17/14)
Historic Advances in International Shark and Ray Conservation (11/09/14)
Shark and Skate Conservation Proposals Fail at NAFO (9/26/14)
Global Protection for Rays, Regional Conservation for Sharks (06/11/14)
Endangered Sawfish: IUCN Strategy Released as Global Protection Proposed (06/05/14)


Atlantic Tuna Commission Fails Sharks Again (11/25/13)
EU joins US in Effort to Strengthen Shark Finning Ban Atlantic Tuna Body (11/15/13)
Stronger Shark Finning Ban Clears Final Hurdle in EU (6/6/13)
Shark Finning Loopholes Widened by Atlantic States Commission (3/22/13)


Stronger Shark Finning Ban Endorsed in Landslide EU Vote (11/22/12)
Atlantic Tuna Commission Fails Sharks (11/19/12)
New Study Reveals Alarming Declines in Pacific Shark Populations (10/31/12)
Australia joins effort for shark and ray trade measures (10/11/12)
U.S. and Mexico pursuing shark and ray trade measures (10/5/12)
Dozens of Nations Agree Global Shark Conservation Plan (9/27/12)
Close and Confusing Shark Finning Vote in European Parliament (9/19/12)
Sri Lanka Protects Thresher Sharks (9/3/12)
Shark and Ray Conservation Status Revealed in New Expert Report (8/13/12)
Mixed Results for Sharks at Pacific Tuna Commission Meeting (3/30/12)


Nations Agree to Protect Giant Manta Rays (11/25/11)
Mixed Results for Sharks at Atlantic Tuna Commission Meeting (11/19/11)
Small Steps for Shark and Skate Conservation taken at NAFO (9/23/11)
Big Day in European Shark Conservation (9/21/11)
Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks Declared Overfished in U.S. Atlantic (4/28/11)
Indian Ocean Tuna Commission Fails Sharks (3/22/11)


Scientists Spotlight Western & Central Pacific Sharks (12/6/10)
Sherman the Shark Takes Stand Against Finning (6/26/10)
Largetooth Sawfish Proposed as Endangered Species (5/7/10)
Shark Advocates International Launches (5/5/10)
Mako Shark
Mako Shark