Sharks In The News

The complicated relationship between shark conservationists and 'Shark Week', August 2014
Shark Week 2014: The Good, The Bad And The Bloody, August 2014
Manta Ray Protection Policy Warmly Welcomed, February 2014
Slaughterhouse Said to Process "Horrifying" Number of Whale Sharks Annually, January 2014
Aquarium shark ray gives birth, January 2014
Moss Landing lab plays major role in international shark research, January 2014
Quarter of the world's sharks, rays face extinction due to fin soup: study, January 2014
Ancient and Vulnerable: 25 Percent of Sharks and Rays Risk Extinction, January 2014
Sharks and rays threatened with extinction - overfishing to blame, January 2014
One-Quarter of Sharks and Rays at Risk of Extinction, January 2014
Ban on Shark Finning Sped Up, January 2014
Great White Sharks Live Longer than Earlier Predicted, January 2014


New Zealand NPOA Comments, December 2013
Cownose Ray Letter: Bizarre Foods America, November 2013
ICCAT Shark Conservation & Management Measures, November 2013
Butchered Basking Shark Seized in Italy, October 2013
Catch and kill order rescinded by Director General, October 2013
Manta rays lacking libido in empty blue seas around the Maldives, October 2013
Rare Bramble shark caught by fishermen, October 2013
Researchers conduct census on shark populations, October 2013
ScienceShot: Sawfish Going Extinct, October 2013
Sharks: feared or revered - but very rarely understood, October 2013
What do we know about sharks?, October 2013

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